2010 Ride Reports

Sunday, April 4,  2010 (Easter)
Easter on The Charles

Mileage: 22  Terrain: Mostly Flat Destination: Arlington, Cambridge, Boston and back

Meeting Place: In front of the Starbucks in Arlington Heights (Next to Trader Joe's on Mass. Ave)
What a difference a year makes!  Last year is was 7 of us fighting strong winds and cold temperatures.  This year it was 40 of us with light winds and temperatures in the 70's  Today we were fighting the crowds of  Pagan sun worshippers out walking, running or biking.

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Leading a group this size can be a challenge on city streets.  But I don't think we lost anybody; but you never know :-)   Diverging from the traditional route that takes us through Harvard Square and on to the Charles River bike path, we wove our way through Cambridgeport and over the Mass Ave bridge to pick up the bike path closer to the Arthur Fiedler sculpture where this photo was taken. As you will note, the sun and warm had everyone in good spirits.  The plan was to head to Starbuck right away, but natures call had one group head to the Hatch Shell in search of toilets, another hungry group head to Starbucks (Au Bon Pain is next door) and the rest of us socialized in the sun.  Finally we all regrouped at Starbuck, hung around for a little bit and then headed out again. Our journey took us through Downtown Crossing (home of Mayor Manino's big hole), down Cambridge St, across the Longfellow bridge, through Davis Sq. and then bike paths back to our starting point.  I hope everyone had a good time.

It you are interested is seeing our Easter Ride pictures from prior years, click on the links at the bottom of the page.



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