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Ride Reports


Report and Upcoming Events 
Bruce Lederer 
Sep 25, 2000 12:50 PDT 

Hi cyclists,

Last Saturday, 8 cyclists had a fun day cycling and kayaking. We started 
about 10am from Trader Joe's, rode down the Minuteman Bike Trail to Alewife, 
then wound our way thru Cambridge across the Harvard Bridge and out to the 
Charles River Canoe and Kayak kiosk. There, most people rented kayaks and 
spent a hour paddling down to the Harvard Bridge and back. The weather 
could not have been better! After our time on the water, we rode back to 
Arlington, ending with an informal lunch in Arlington Center.

Our next ride is scheduled for Sunday, October 1st. The plan is to ride out 
to Bedford on the Minuteman and then out through back roads of Concord and 
Carlisle, with a stop for Ice Cream before heading back to Arlington. The 
pace will be quite moderate as will the terrain. If you are interested in 
coming along, are an experienced rider who wants to help out, or have 
questions, please e-mail me at bruce_l-@hotmail.com or call me at my 
office 617 434-3683. Feel free to leave voicemail.

Another ride is schedule for October 8th. Tentative plan is to ride into 
downtown Boston during quiet Sunday traffic time. Other rides will be 
scheduled later in October, depending on weather and interest.



PS. Please feel free to forward this to anyone else you think might be 


Bike Rides For Ordinary People - October 8th 
Bruce Lederer 
Oct 02, 2000 19:06 PDT 

Hi everyone,

Last Sunday's ride was great. Great weather, great scenery, great people 
and great fun. I clocked 35 miles and I think everyone else probably got 
over 30. The mileage difference are a long story. Even though it was more 
than the advertised 25 or less, no one seemed to mind.

This Sunday's is a ride into and around downtown Boston. I have not charted 
the route yet, but I hope I can include Charlestown since it is close by and 
beautiful to ride through. Traffic should be light and I hope we can go 
through the North End, the waterfront, Fanieul Hall, the Financial District 
and Downtown Crossing before heading back along the Charles.

E-mail or call me at work (617 434-3683) by Friday for time and meeting 
place. Also, please feel free to pass this note on to friends or other 

Bike Rides for Ordinary People is for those who want to get off the Bike 
Path and on to quieter roads for casual rides. We ride at a moderate pace 
and stop as necessary to allow others to catch up. The rides are free and 
start and end in Arlington.

The next ride is scheduled for Sunday morning, October 8th and will go along 
quiet street through from Arlington into Boston, passing through the North 
End, The Waterfront, the Financial District and Downtown Crossing before 
heading over the Charles for the ride back to Arlington. The total ride 
will be 20 25 miles. We should be back between 12:30 and 1:30.
To reserve a spot, ask a question, or if you would like to help out, contact 
Bruce Lederer by Friday at 617 434-3683; e-mail: Bruce_L-@hotmail.com. 
Helmets are required for all participants. Steady rain cancels


Recap of Oct 8/Upcoming Rides 
Bruce Lederer 
Oct 09, 2000 16:36 PDT 

Hi Bike Riders,

Unexpectedly, Sunday turned out to be a clear day with a brilliantly 
blue sky. Though a little cool for many activities, it was perfect for 
riding into Boston on the "Urban Guerrilla Bike Tour".
There were only three of us as several people had things come up at the 
last minute. The ride went down the Minuteman Bikeway to Alewife. 
There, we went across and then under the Route 2 bridge into the Fresh 
Pond Mall. From there, we cut through Dennahey Park on to Sherman 
Street and headed toward Harvard Square. Before getting to Harvard 
Square, we turned off Garden Street, crossed Mass Ave and wound our way 
to Broadway. We took Broadway all the way to Kendal Square and then 
headed across the Gilmore Bridge into Charlestown. After pausing for a 
few minutes to enjoy the park at City Square, we headed across the 
bridge and into the North End. Then back along the waterfront, through 
the Quincy Market area, the Financial District, Downtown Crossing and up 
to Boston Common. Though traffic was light for most of the time, our 
ride home from Boston Common was slowed by the Tuft Heath Plan 10K run 
starting at Charles Street and a 100K run (that's right, 100K) on the 
Paul Dudley White Bike Path. Once we got past that, it was clear 
sailing home on the bike path, Memorial Drive (portions closed on 
Sundays), through Harvard Square and back to Arlington. Thanks to Jack 
Johnson of the Arlington Bicycle Advisory Committee for showing us some 
clever routes around and through Harvard Square.

22 Oct (Sunday) - This will likely be a 25 - 30 mile ride through 
Lincoln and surrounding towns. Be forewarned, there will be some hilly 
28 Oct (Saturday) - Bikeways around Boston. We'll be mostly on 
Bikeways, including riding along both sides of the Charles River.
Details on these rides will follow.

Please invite your friends and co-workers to come along on any ride. For 
question, comments, or any related matters, contact 
Bruce_L-@hotmail.com or call 617 434-3683. 


Oct 22 Report/Oct 28 Details 
Bruce Lederer 
Oct 24, 2000 05:54 PDT 

Well, the weather Sunday could not have been better. Clear sky and temps in 
the 60's and still enough leave for viewing. Julie offered to plan this 
ride and did a great job. Billed as a tad hilly, I think it lived up to the 
hype without being overwhelming. With modification to a ride in Best Bike 
Rides New England, we managed to avoid most of the hills at both the 
beginning and end. The actual route went form Trader Joes up to Pleasant 
Street (Wilson farm). Pleasant street connects with Concord Ave. We then 
headed west out to Trapelo Road, through Lincoln. We made a big loop around 
Lincoln, then through Weston Center, back through Waltham, retracing some of 
our steps to get back home. Total distance about 33 miles. Thank, Julie, 
for keeping everyone on track and making sure everyone understood the 
Six people were on this ride, 4 new to the groups. I find it interesting 
that every ride has had more new people than returnees. I think the more 
new people the better.

As for our next ride, it is scheduled for this Saturday.

- The route is flat, simple and 20 miles or less. We will ring the Charles 
River using the Paul Dudley White Bike Path.

- Meet at the Parking Lot opposite the WBZ Studios on Soldiers Field Road. 
If you went on the first ride, this is where we rented Kayaks.

- Meeting time is 9:30.

Please let me know by Friday if you think you will be joining us.
I was going to start this e-mail out by saying that it is always sunny for 
Bike Rides for Ordinary People. But I looked at the weekend forecast and 
decided not to press my luck. Remember, steady rain cancels the ride, but 
if you are uncertain, call my cell phone on Saturday after 7 and I'll leave 
an update on the greeting - 617 710-1832.


Saturday Report 
Bruce Lederer 
Oct 28, 2000 08:42 PDT 


These are supposed to be fun. On the way to the meeting place, I had to 
avoid a fallen tree laying across Nonantum Road. And sitting in my car 
waiting for people, it kept rocking and I could see the dirt and dust 
blowing everywhere.

Fortunately, I did not have tell anyone else that it was cancelled. Heck, 
if I had not been the organizer, I would not have come either.

There are no more rides currently scheduled. If anyone is interested in 
more rides, please let me know what like of ride and day works best for you. 
Then, we'll just watch the weather