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Ride Reports

Saturday, November 1st, 2003

Tour de Golf (clubs)

Mileage: 21 miles

Terrain: Rolling hills

Destination: Newton, Weston, Wellesley, Needham


After being rained out the last 2 rides, it seemed like the rides season was about to  end.  But the weekend forecast was so good the we had to try one more time.  We from  Auburndale for the first time.  The route took us into Weston along Rt. 30 and then through a quiet section leading all the way to Wellesley Hill.  We crossed Rt. 16 and rode through Babson Park; a very pretty place to ride.  Once into Needham, I remembered why I always schedule the rides for Sunday.  Traffic and lots of it.  But we made the best of it, riding on Great Plain Ave for a while and then circling all the way around to Chestnut Hill at Hammond Cir.  After crossing Rt. 9 by the Longwood Tennis Club, we got on to Essex Rd and wound our way over to the Chestnut Hill Reservoir.  When we got to Beacon Street, we discovered that it was BC football day.  So we rode through the campus.  What fun to see all the tailgaters.  A mighty festive time it was.  Once free of the crowd, we took Comm. Ave all the way back to our starting point at the commuter rail parking lot.  Everyone was hungry, so off the Breuggers we went 

Sunday, September 14th, 2003

Project Bread's Ride for Hunger


For the second year, we made a good showing at the Ride. 

And we were treated very well. 

The organizers made a huge sign for our meeting place, Landry's Bicycle filled tires and made last minute adjustments, the Harvard food services supplied lunch and Hood provided desert.

By the way, the riding was good too.  Lots of signs, marshals and cheerleaders all along the very gently rolling terrain.  The construction areas were a little bumpy on my skinny tires, but after a few miles we were all enjoying the delightful weather, country scenery and each other's company. Another great Ride for Hunger with at great group of extra-Ordinary People

Sunday, August 17th, 2003
Ride to Weston 
Mileage: 20-25
Terrain: Flat and Rolling Hills
Destination: Arlington, Lexington, Belmont, Lincoln, Weston and Waltham

The GPS really makes it easy to plan new rides. It tells you in advance how long the route is so I can adjust it up or down very easily.  This was truly a rolling hills route.  Nothing too big but not too may flat stretches.  And the flat stretches were right after the mid point, giving people some time to prepare for the hills on Trapelo Road.  The route went from Trader Joe's up Mass Ave.  We turned on to Pleasant Street past Wilson Farm and then right and all the way to the end of Concord Ave.  We headed along Rt. 128, crossing it at Totten Pond Road.  We have gone this way before to go around the Cambridge Reservoir, but today, we turned left on to Lexington Street which meanders along past Cambridge School of Weston.  We crossed Rt. 117 and turned on to Church St.  We learned that we were passing over the Cambridge water supply (thank you Robert) as we headed to Weston for a short stop.  Leaving Weston Center, we took Concord Rd. to Miriam and into Lincoln Center where the photo was taken.  Then the hills of Trapelo Road to Winter St, Concord Ave to Marsh St., up to Belmont hill where we were rewarded by a ride down Park Avenue and back to Trader Joes.  This was an especially sociable group who put up with stops to repair slipping gears, a broken rack, my loose pedal and a tire problem.  But it was all fun.  And young Zack seem to make it on every ride!

Sunday, July 27, 2003
Walden Pond Swim
Walden Pond Bike/Swim Ride
Mileage: 22
Terrain: Flat and Rolling Hills
Destination: Arlington, Lexington,

Waltham, Lincoln, and Concord



Lot's of new faces in our group of 19, as we headed off to Walden Pond for a swim.  Concerns about the park not allowing us in because of the crowds proved unfounded as early cloudiness and a forecast of afternoon thunderstorms must have deterred a lot of people in spite of the heat and humidity.  The water at the pond was nice and cool and felt great after our ride through Arlington, Waltham and Lincoln.  On to Concord for a picnic lunch on the green.  Two stops is unusually, but this was an unusually sociable group.  Apologies to those who had to leave early.  After lunch, we took the Battle Road Trail though the Minute Man National Historical Park.  Most of us had never ridden on it, but it proved to be a good choice even with skinny ties on the stone dust.  A cool quiet scenic respite on a hot day.  Makes me want to get my mountain bike back from my son.  At the end of the trail, we followed Mass Ave through Lexington Center and back to our starting point at Trader Joes. 
Check out the maps that I can make using my new GPS!


Sunday, June 15, 2003
Horn Pond Loop

Mileage: 15
Terrain: Flat, Rolling Hills and One Big Mother hill (that a lot of people walk up)
Destination: Arlington, Winchester, Woburn

This was a ride that mixed the bad with the good.  First the bad.  We had our first ever injury.  A rider fell at slow speed and likely broke her collar bone. But when I saw her later in the emergency room, she suggested that I not mention her injury for fear of discouraging people from coming on future rides.  On the good side, the weather was near perfect and the route that we have take in the past was modified to eliminate one really nasty hill climb.  But it left the big hill by Mahoney's Gardens and I am proud to say, almost everybody rode the whole hill.  The route took us around the Mystic Lakes on the Medford side, then into Winchester and on the Horn Pond Bike Path, around the pond, up over the hill by Mahoney's and back to Arlington.  Everybody had a good ride, but in the end, our thoughts all went to Nancy.  We wish her a speedy recovery and hope to see her on future rides.

Sunday, June 8, 2003
Dudley Road Ride
Mileage: 19 from Bedford or 31 from Arlington Heights
Terrain: Flat - Gently Rolling Hills
Destination: Arlington, Lexington, Bedford, Billerica, Carlisle.

The weather finally cooperated.  Five of us started at Trader Joe's in Arlington and another six were waiting for us when we arrived in Bedford.  The route took us out Rt. 4 to Dudley Road which winds through the Bedford countryside and ends back at Rt. 4.  It was a nice steady pace.  After going up a number of smaller hills, it was great to be rewarded by a long downhill leading us most of the way to Great Brook Farm.  Time to stop for ice cream!  Leaving Great Brook Farm, we headed out past the cranberry bog and on to Carlisle Center.   From there, we took East Street hoping to ride across the Maple Street bridge.  Someone asked if it was still closed?  Not only was it closed, but it was mostly gone.  Teamwork made it fun as we help people across the ravine and passed bikes and a trailer from person to person until everybody was on the other side.  At the end of Maple Street, it was a straight shot back to the bike path and the end of another Bike Rides For Ordinary People adventure.

Sun. May 4th, 2003
Bruce's DeCordova Lunch Loop
Mileage:  25 mile

Terrain: Rolling Hills
Destination:  Lexington, Concord and Lincoln

Another group of 20 this week as we took off for a picnic lunch at the DeCordova museum on a perfect day.  This is a great ride with lots of variety and for the most part short climbs of moderate steepness rewarded with long down hills.  Our youngest rider. Zack (in his father's arms in the photo) was along with us again as were Jeff on his home made recumbent and Jan on his Bike Friday.  This route took us up Mass Ave from Trader Joes to Lexington Center, where we continued a short distance on Mass Ave and then onto Lincoln St.  Lincoln St. crosses Rt 2a and becomes a quiet rural road.  It has been repaved since the group's last time on it making the decent to Mill Street very pleasant.  We followed Mill St. back to 2A and on to the Hanscom entrance road.  We then took Virginia Road to Bedford St. and into Concord Center.  After a brief stop on the Green, we rode out Walden Street.  For such a beautiful day, Walden Pond was empty.  We continued on to Baker Bridge road, following the signs for the museum.  After our picnic and social time, we headed to Lincoln.  Heading up Bedford St. we had our longest and steepest climb with an even longer decent on the other side.  We crossed Rt. 2 and then followed 2A to Mass Ave and back to Trader Joes.  Having spring  in full bloom and a friendly group of riders made for a terrific day .





Sunday, April 20th, 2003 (Easter)
Easter on The Charles
Mileage:  22 miles
Terrain: Mostly Flat
Destination:  Arlington, Cambridge, Boston and back


The first ride of us this season.  What a turnout.  Twenty five strong, we traveled at a surprising steady pace as everyone seemed comfortable at the same speed.  Thanks to Jack's expert knowledge of alternate routes to and through Harvard Sq., we crossed the bridge above the railroad tracks by Alewife, circled into the Fresh Pond Shopping Center and went through Denehy Park with the sun at the perfect angle to reflect the colors off the glass that is embedded in the path.  Since it was Easter, we rode through the Harvard Divinity School just as the bells were chiming.  After a brief stop in JFK Park behind the Charles Hotel, we headed down the Paul Dudley White bike path, to our destination; the Arthur Fiedler statue where the photo was taken (If you scroll down to April 15th, 1991, you will see another Easter photo taken at the same spot; albeit with a lot fewer rides).
After the photo, we decided to check out the Churches of Boston and the Marathon festivities.  Copley Square was full of people and Boylston Street was mostly closed down giving us a rare opportunity to ride in Boston without the traffic.  To get back to Arlington, we rode out Charles Street to Beacon, then on the sidewalk along Storrow  Drive and crossed the river on the Longfellow Bridge.  From here, we headed up Hampshire St., behind the Porter Sq. shopping center to Davis Square and home via bike path.
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