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Ride Reports

Sunday, November 7th (map)

Cambridge Reservoir Ride

Mileage: ~25

Terrain: Rolling Hills

Destination: Arlington, Lexington, Waltham, Weston

Meeting Place: In front of the Starbucks in Arlington Heights (Next to Trader Joe's on Mass. Ave near the Lexington line)


It's hard to believe all the good weather we have had this fall.  Imagine having nice warm weather all the way into November!

Even with the late notice, there were a dozen excited riders.  Off we went up Mass Ave, past Wilson Farms and out to Concord Ave.  After riding along Wyman St (by Rt. 128) and over the highway at Totten Pond Road, we finally got on to some much quieter roads.  Lexington St. winds quietly past the Cambridge School of Weston and runs into Church St which rolls quietly into Weston.  We turned on to Conant Rd and past the same gaily decorated house we passed last week.  The winds of the week and taken their toll, but it was still impressive to see.  After the photo shoot in Lincoln, it was up Bedford Street, across Rt. 2 and up to Rt. 2A.  Instead of going all the way to Mass Ave as outlined on our maps, we detoured down Mill St to Lincoln.  This a great choice for two reasons.  Mill is really pretty as is goes past the other end of the reservoir and there was a 10K race going on along Lincoln St.  Riding with the runners was fun AND police stopped traffic for us at every crossing.  In Lexington we picked up the bike path and headed back to our starting point.  Maybe more rides this fall?  Pray for good weather!

Sunday, October 31st, 2004

Halloween Ride (map)

Mileage: 27 miles

Terrain: Rolling hills

Destination: Newton, Weston, Concord, Sudbury

As you can see from the picture, we found some Halloween decorations on our ride today.  There were actually about four times as many decorations as can be seen in the photo.  The house is on Conant Rd. in Weston.  So, if you hurry, you might he able to see it before the owner takes it down.  The ride was kind of a figure 8 done counter clockwise.  My usually nature is to do thing clockwise, so it was fun to ride Sandy Pond, Baker Bridge, and Walden St.

in the opposite directions.  Sudbury Rd. was quite pleasant as the temperatures approached the 70 degree mark.  We ended the ride going through Meadowbrook Country Club and managed to elude any errant golf ball.  In the end we road 30 easy miles.  I'm hoping for good weather and another impromptu ride next Sunday.

Sunday, October 17, 2004
Horn Pond Loop

Mileage: ~20
Terrain: Flat, Rolling Hills and One Big Mother hill (that a lot of people walk up)
Destination: Arlington, Winchester, Woburn
Meeting Place:
Carberrys Bakery

Fall foliage combined with a crystal clear sky made this a particularly beautiful day riding.  The ride took us along the Mystic Lakes, on to the little used Horn Pond Bike Path in Winchester and then around Horn Pond.  After a brief picture stop on the banks of the pond, we wound our way over to Johnson Road in Winchester, famous for being long and steep.  But not steep enough to intimidate our intrepid riders.  After that hill, the next one, although significant,  seemed trivial.  But once over the top, we had a long downhill to Rt. 3.  We cut off Rt. 3 at Laconia St., just past the intersection with Woburn St.  I had warned of a water hazard, but in the span of 18 hours, it had become just a series of puddles on the road.  But oh the anticipation :-)   Rejoining Rt. 3, we quickly made our way to East St.  Then we followed Miriam to York and down our last hill to Grant.  From there, we turned on to Mass Ave, picked up the Minuteman Bikeway at Season's Four and headed back to our starting point.  A good time was had by all.

Sunday, Sept 26th, 2004
Long Lake Ice Cream Ride (map)
Mileage: ~22
Terrain: Flat & rolling hills
Destination: Concord, Acton, Littleton, Westford & Carlisle 
Meeting Place: Old North Bridge parking lot in Concord

A perfect day for riding.  Bright sun, pleasant temperatures, little wind and nice riders!  We were honored to day to have two children along with their parents.  The ride was based on one of the rides from the MassBike Festival in August.  The ice cream cone street markings made it easy to navigate, although we did not follow their route exactly. 

I had always wanted to have a ride called the Pope Road Ride (in Acton) and this could have been called that since we rode half of Pole Road on the way out and the other half on the way back.  The hit some moderate hills, but mostly before we reached our first stop at Nagog Hill Orchard where we picked and ate wonderful apples.    Then on to Long Lake where parking is for Littleton residents only, but nobody cares about a bike.  The lake is beautiful.  We will surely swim there next year.  From here, on to Kimbals in Westford.  The ice cream was terrific.  I recommend Pumpkin.  After a leisurely time ice cream tasting, back on our bike an 8 miles back to the Old North Bridge.

Sunday, September 12, 2004
Concord River Ride (map)
Mileage: 22
Terrain: Flat & gently rolling hills
Destination: Bedford, Carlisle, & Concord


I decided to do an easy ride for the first of the fall.  Kind of get people back in the swing of things.  But now I realize that a little difficulty makes people a lot more sociable.  The original ride was just a big loop out 225 and then left on River/Monument, past the Old North Bridge to Concord Center, out Lowell to Carlisle and then back on 225.  I added the optional loops the you can see on the map and it made for a better ride by adding a few short moderate hills.  And the ice cream stop helped too.  I also wanted to share the note below which kind summarizes things.

I want to thank Bruce and all the other riders for a terrific time today. The weather was perfect, the back roads were beautiful, our leader did his usual impeccable job, and my fellow riders were all friendly, great people--not an ordinary one among you. 

Dey, Christine, Tom, Marcia and I rode on to Lexington; Dey continued on while the rest of us overate at a lunch buffet at a Chinese restaurant. Well, heck, we earned it--we had to suffer through that ice cream, after all.

While not the longest, this was one of the most enjoyable rides of the year for me. They should all be like this! 


Saturday, August 28th (rain date August 29th) - Benefiting MassBike, The Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition
Massbike's 2nd Annual Bike Festival + Time Trial

Mileage: 5 - 63.

Terrain: You name it and it is there. We did gently rolling stuff.

I didn't know what to expect when we arrived at the Fenn School in Concord.  What I found was hundreds of people interested in the many rides offered by MassBike.  The was a metric century, 2 ice cream rides, hills and history, and 2 swimming hole rides.  It was hot, so most of us opted for a ride to Long Pond in Littleton.  Total ride distance was 22 mile.  Both the terrain and the scenery were terrific and the water was just right.  After the ride, we were all treated to great barbeque and corn.  There were lots of vendor and plenty of grass to sit on.  It was a real festival.

Sunday, July 11th
Lunch Box Ride
Mileage: 30 miles
Terrain:  A few rolling hills, plus bike path.
Ride Leader: email:

Ride Report

Monday, July 5

Bristol Independence Day Ride

Mileage: 30 miles
Terrain: Flat (we skated in one year)
Type: East Bay Bike Path

Ride Report

Sunday, June 27th
So. Dartmouth Beach & Westport Winery Ride

Mileage: 36 miles !!!!!!

Terrain: Mostly flat

We got off to a slow start. Two flat tire and a draw bridge open in Padanaram.  And we had only gone 4 miles.  And in the chaos of traffic, one rider thought that the group had gone ahead and missed the turn where others were waiting.  But it got better.  South Dartmouth and Westport are great places to ride.  Not many road or cars making cruising really easy.  We did have to cross a closed bridge just to add some adventure, and one sections of the main road was just dirt due to construction, and we missed the Westport Winery and had to back track several miles because no one was willing to miss the wine tasting.  All part of the fun and adventure.  So instead of 26 miles, we rode 36 miles.  But who cares.  The weather was warm, the roads (mostly) smooth and the hills small.

Many thanks to Anna Marie for helping plan the route and guide us along the way.  Thanks also to our chief tire changer, Dick

Sunday, June 20th
Father's Day Ride

Mileage: 25 miles
Terrain:  A few rolling hills
Ride Leader: David Iwatsuki

Well it was a beautiful day, so people must have wanted to do something other than bike ride since it was just Zack and me out at the Commonwealth Ave carriage road meeting place in Newton Centre. This allowed us to customize the ride into the "Big Truck Tour".
We headed west on the carriage road, stopping at the construction site for the Teddy Bear Club pre-school, then continued on Comm Ave and turned left at the fire station (home of one of Newton's three ladder trucks) onto Rte 16. To avoid some of the traffic, we turned right on Woodland Rd into Lasell College, and then left on Grove St where we saw an excavator, road roller, front-end loader, and back-hoe!

Sunday, June 13th

Duxbury Beach Powder Point Bridge Ride

Mileage: 25 miles

Terrain: Mostly Flat

Destination: Pembroke, Duxbury, Marshfield

Good weather, great scenery and friendly riders.  That about sums up this ride.  We had 32 people show up from near and far.  This was our first ride on the south shore, so I was not sure how many people would show up.  But I knew when I arrived at the Stop & Shop parking lot early and saw lots of bikes that this was going to be a large group.  We headed almost due south on recommended roads from the Rubel bike map until we got to Bay Rd.  We followed Bay Road to Duxbury Center and out Washington St.   Heidi lives in Duxbury and offered her house for a pit stop.  Her yard is right on the water, so he had to stay around for awhile. But ice cream beckoned, so we head off  to Farfar's.  To get there, you turn where the flagpole used to be. After refreshments, we backtracked and turned on to  Powder Point Ave with it's beautiful old homes.  Then across the Powder Point Bridge to the beach and

yet another stop to take in the ocean views where the photo was taken. At the other end of the beach road, we turned left and then right on to Webster St.  At the end of Webster we took a left on to busy Rte 139 (Ocean St.). Just after Rte 3A we took a left on Old Ocean St. and were once again on quite roads. We followed Mt Skirgo St, over Rte 3. Then right on Spring St., right on Elm St., right on Oak St. and left into the Stop and Shop lot to end a perfectly wonderful ride. May thanks to everyone for coming, but especially John for his help with route planning, Heidi for generously letting us use the house and yard and to Dan who is a master tire change. This was without a doubt, the best ride this year. Click here for lots  more pictures by Dave Strauss

Sunday, May 23rd
Dudley Road Ride
Mileage: 33.5!
Terrain: Flat - Gently Rolling Hills
Destination: Arlington, Lexington, Bedford, Billerica, Carlisle.
Ice cream stop at Great Brook Farm!
Click here for map (5mb)


It was another day for the optimists, and there were but five of us.  The weather forecast was similar to last week, with a chance showers, but improving as the day went on.  This time the forecast was right!

Everyone chose to start from Arlington rather the Bedford.  The uncertain weather meant light traffic on the Minuteman Bikeway on our trip out to Bedford.  I had not been to Bedford since last summer and was pleasantly surprised to see how Depot Square has been transformed, with a nice plaza and benches.  From here we headed out South Street, on to Rt. 4 to Dudley Road.  Lots of horses out as we wound our way through the farmland so close to Boston.  Back on Rt. 4, we crossed the Concord River, then a quick turn on Treble Cove Road and on the West St.  There is a "road closed" sign as you get close to Great Brook Farm, but the wash out is not complete and we easily got through.  After ice cream and a stop at the new interpretive center, we headed out, made a loop past the cranberry bogs, back to Rt. 225, took a loop on to East and Maple streets  and finally back to Rt. 225 and headed back home.  A little longer than usually at 33.5 mile, but everyone did great.

Sunday, May 16

Tour d'Arlington and More

Mileage:  ~13 
Terrain: Rolling Hills and one big one
Destination: Arlington, Winchester, Woburn, Lexington

This ride was being run in conjunction with the Arlington  Alternative Transportation Festival & Kid's Bike Rodeo, ending at the fair site. Click here for map (5mb)

This was a ride for optimists.  You can see the four who showed up, believing the early weather report which called for clouds followed by sun in around noon.  We headed off toward Horn Pond in Winchester and after about 10 minutes, it began to rain lightly.  A passing shower we thought, but at least it was warm.  But the rains continue as made our way through Winchester and on to the Horn Pond Bikeway.  We circumnavigated and stopping at the restrooms to dry out a little.  But the rain continued, so off we went, out Wildwood and up the big hill on the other site of Rt 3.  As always, this hill lets you know just how strong you are :-)  When we all reached the top, it was clear that the rain was not going to stop.  We decided to take a short-cut back.  Down the hill, we crossed Lowell St.  continuing on Maple St until we picked up the Minuteman Bikeway.  We stopped at the Alternative Transportation fair, which had been moved inside.  The organizers did a terrific job setting things up and there were lots of kid riding around the rodeo course.  From here, everyone headed back home to someplace warm and dry clothes.

Sunday, May 2nd, 2004
Bruce's DeCordova Lunch Loop
Mileage:  24.75 
Terrain: Rolling Hills
Destination:  Lexington, Concord and Lincoln

WOW, spring has finally arrived.  No rain. No cold. Just warm and a little cloudy.  I like this ride a lot!  Starting at Trader Joe's in Arlington Heights, we rode to Lexington Center and then headed out Mass Ave to Lincoln St.  Once Lincoln St. crosses Rt. 2A, it's like a different world.  Suddenly you are in the country.  Down a good hill, on to Mill St and then back to 2A.  A short distance west, we took the turn in to Hanscom Field and on to Virginia Road. Virginia Road is always a pleasure.  Going up the hill on Virginia Road (and later in Concord Center), it was nice to see riders for Club Ciclissmo.  Ciao Lauren!  After a short stop in Concord Center, we continued out past Walden Pond to Baker Bridge Rd, ending up at the DeCordova Museum for a picnic lunch.  We were all surprised to see all the changes there.  There the large unfinished silver Visitor Station in the middle of the entrance road, many new or moved installations, new landscaping, and access to the parking lot has changed  After a leisurely lunch, we made our way through Lincoln, up Bedford St. to 2A and back to our starting point.  Thirteen riders with six on their first ride with us.

Sunday, April 11th, 2004 (Easter)
Easter on The Charles
Mileage:  ~20 
Terrain: Mostly Flat
Destination:  Arlington, Cambridge, Boston and back

This was the 4th year we have had this ride.  Lots of familiar faces and several new ones. For many, this was their first ride of the season, so the easy terrain is appreciated.  As has become another tradition, Jack and Billy assumed the roll of ride leaders and did a fine job.  The route took us down the Minuteman Bikeway to Alewife Station.  Then  over the bridge to and through the Fresh Pond Mall, through Denehy Park, Sherman St. to Garden St., through the Harvard Seminary School and on to the bike path along the Charles.  This year, we discovered that the Museum of Science is a great place to make a pit stop even on Easter Sunday.  From there, it was an easy ride back along the Charles.

In front of Arthur Fielder's Stature

Sunday, April 14th, 2004
Bicycle Tour of the Boston Marathon Course.
Mileage: 26.2 or 52.4 if you ride back
Terrain: Everything the runners get, including Heartbreak Hill
Destination: Hopkinton, Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton, Brighton, Brookline and ending in Copley Square in Boston,


Don't let those happy faces in the picture fool you. They were all cold and wet. But I guess with all the bad weather we have had this early spring, being out on a bike is all it take to raise a smile.   A number of us took the train out to Ashland and rode to Hopkinton for the start.  Taking the train was so much easier that that last time I did it several years ago.  No hassles.  Just bring the bike into the car.   John was so nice to arrange this ride, but unfortunately had some mechanical problems and was not able to guide us.    Dick helped me lead the ride and did a great job.  His write-up tells it all.


Well, by the end we were down to just 2 of us - Steve and me.  It
reminded me of the Agatha Christie story "And then there were none" in
which there are 10 people on an island and they are murdered one-by-one
until no one is left.  Fortunately, we didn't ALL get murdered today.  But
although 15 people showed up in Hopkinton, we were down to 7 by Framingham, then you left near the library, and on Heartbreak Hill, one of the Lauries, her brother Sean, and Cindy left because they decided to catch the train back to Ashland in Newtonville (there was no way we were going to make it to Back Bay Station in time), and then the other Laurie left when we got to her neighborhood in Brookline.  Which left me and Steve to complete the trip.

BTW, the worst part of this ride was not the rain, but the amount of sandy mud that got thrown up on all of us.  It took more than an hour to hose off my bike, my trunk, my ankle straps, and all of my clothes (even my shoes).  But it was fun anyway!

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