2008 Ride Reports

Sunday, March 23rd,  2008 (Easter)
Easter on The Charles
Riders: 17
Mileage:  20 
Terrain: Mostly Flat
Destination:  Arlington, Cambridge, Boston



Although I believe that it was even colder this year than last (30 at the start), seventeen warmly dressed, enthusiastic riders joined in our annual cycling season kickoff event. 

This year construction on the Charles River Bike Path forced us to find a new route to our traditional picture spot in front of Arthur Fielder (not the man; the statue).  This was a much more urban ride.  After riding to Alewife Station on the Minuteman Bikeway, we took side streets into Harvard Square, rode to Cambridgeport along the river and wound our way thru the neighborhood to MIT. The view from the MIT bridge as we crossed the Charles was spectacular.  Once on the other side, we picked up the bike path to reach our first stopping point and took the picture above.  From there, we continued to the end bike path so we could make a stop at the Museum of Science.  Warm and watered, we headed home on Cambridge St., picking up Hampshire St to bring us to Mass Ave.  By the time we got to Arlington Center, the wind was in our face, to we rejoined the Minuteman for the final leg of the ride. 

Sunday, April 20th
Horn Pond Loop

Riders: 14

Mileage: 17
Terrain: Flat, Rolling Hills and One Long Hilll
Destination: Arlington, Lexington, Woburn, Winchester

What a beautiful day it was.  I decided to to the ride reverse the direction of the route we have done in the past to eliminated the big hill where Wildwood become Johnson Rd.  This really helped keep the group together.  Tom Allen who knows the area inside and out, showed us a little know bike path in Lexington and also led us on Ridge Street, a hard packed dirt road which kept away from the Lowell St. traffic  After circling the pond, we made a short stop and took this picture.  Riding the Horn Pond bike path in this direction made it a new experience and very nice.  Tom showed us one more shortcut off Bacon St. that gave us a nice view of Upper Mystic Lake, before joining the Mystic Valley Parkway.  Tom suggested one more stop by the entrance to the Medford Boat Club where we found a large map of the area, painted on the pavement.  Then back on the Parkway for a very scenic ride home.

Sunday, May 11th
Dudley Road Ride (Map)
Riders: 17
Mileage: 19.5
Terrain: Flat - Gently Rolling Hills
Destination: Lexington, Bedford, Billerica, Carlisle.

Another beautiful day for riding with lots of new faces and new bikes today.  For many, this was their first ride of the year or their first ride with Bike Rides For Ordinary People

This ride goes along many wonderfully secluded roads, past a cranberry bog and includes a stop at Great Brook Farm for ice cream and a look at the cows.  This is the first time that I have ridden this route in a clockwise direction. The up hills seemed much gentler, and maybe even more picturesque.  Note: We had a rider take a fall when here front break locked up, but thankfully her injuries were limited to minor cuts, scratches and a bruise on the palm of her hand.  Thanks to Ron, who escorted her back to the start.

Sunday, May 18th

Concord Figure 8
Riders: 24/10

Mileage:  15 or 28 miles

Ride Leader: Bruce Lederer  617 710-1832 (c)
Terrain: Mostly Flat and rolling hill
Destination:  Concord, Carlisle and Lincoln (map)


Lots of new people appeared today for what every said was a great ride.  I created this ride last year so that people could ride a short, easy first have and depending on how they felt or their schedule, could stop where the route crossed the starting point.  So we had 24 on the first part and 10 on the last.  The day was beautiful as was the scenery.

Sunday, Junest, 2008

Cambridge Reservoir Ride

Ride Leader:  Bruce Lederer (617 710-1832  bruce_lederer@bikeridesfop.org)

Mileage: 23
Terrain: Rolling hills with a couple of steeper ones too.
Destination: Arlington, Lexington, Waltham, Weston, Lincoln and Belmont.
Map at

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