2009 Ride Reports

Sunday, April 12,  2009 (Easter)
Easter on The Charles

Mileage: ~20  Terrain: Mostly Flat Destination: Arlington, Cambridge, Boston and back Meeting Place: In front of the Starbucks in Arlington Heights (Next to Trader Joe's on Mass. Ave)
It was cold and the wind blowing in my face.  So what a surprise that eight hardy souls show up.   Though the weather didn't sound very good.  The April sun helped a little.  By the time we stopped for a break at a coffee
shop on Boylston St, we had lost two riders and gained

a lot of cold toes.  Hot coffee and standing around inside took care of the toes and when we got back to Arlington Heights, one of the lost riders was there the greet us.  She and her partner in perdu made it to the Arthur Fiedler statue and back without ever crossing out paths.  A good time was had by all.


Sunday, April 19th

Concord Figure 8
Mileage:  15 or 27 miles
Ride Leader: Bruce Lederer  617 710-1832 (c)
Terrain: Mostly Flat and rolling hill
Destination:  Concord, Carlisle and Lincoln (map)

Meeting Place: Concord Center parking lot on Keyes Rd.
Meeting Time: 9:45am Leave promptly at 10:00

Where was everybody.  Sure it was cool at the start, but o quickly turned into a beautiful day.  After all, it's April and the sun is warm.

Anyway, we did have 5 people, but lost one before the photo and we had a really nice time.  The ride up and back to Carlisle was really pleasant and traffic was particularly light.  The windy route though the neighborhoods near Carlisle center is always fun.  Good hill up and better hill down.  After a short stop back in Concord, we were off again. We did really will until I made a wrong turn, but like a GPS, I figured out how to re-route us back to the start and it only cost us a couple of extra mile.  Total distance for the full route was 29 miles.  A good early season test on the legs.

Sunday, April 26th

Now there's a great group of people. Fifteen in all ready to roll around Arlington, Winchester, Woburn and Lexington.  And at last we could say that winter is gone.  The route took us along the Mystic Lakes then around Winchester.  We took the Horn Pond bike path (always a surprise to people) and then around Horn Pond.  We had a brief stop at the parking lot where people were able to get a slush and have this picture taken.  As the big hill approached,  there was a lot of anxiety.  After the hill, it was more

Horn Pond Loop (map)
Mileage: 17
Terrain: Flat, Rolling Hills and One Big Mother hill (that a lot of people walk up)
Destination: Arlington, Winchester, Woburn
Meeting Place:
Jam 'N Java (formerly Carberrys Bakery, but it is at 594 Mass Ave in Arlington.)

like "that wasn't so bad."  And the downhill into Lexington, across route 3 was a nice reward.  I took the group through a neigborhood of mansions and then tough one where the old ranches and splits are being transformed onto grand homes.  And just to even things out, we took a dirt road though to woods to avoid Lowell St.  To get home, we took the bike path with no name and then joined up with the Minuteman Bikeway for a pleasant ride back to the start.


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